Educational VR for Medical Training


Wireless VR

VRTrauma allows for enhanced physical mobility through a wireless system, or the ability to have multiple learners inside a clinical scenario, as available through our offering..


Whether in a room or across the world from each other Trauma allows students, instructors, and experts to work together in the same virtual scenarios.

VR Training

VR training including patients, environments, tools and certified procedures by healthcare experts. We build fully custom cases in a few weeks, and for 1/10th the cost of the others.

This is what virtual trauma care is about

VRTrauma offers virtual trauma care to enhance learning to treat severely injured patients. We give the user an immersive experience of how to deal with life-threatening conditions. VRTrauma allows learning trauma care with a hands-on approach in a VR environment. Our solution allows for transferring know-how between countries and specialties. We offer scenarios based on real-life experiences.


360 Web media

Providing an overall look about our solution, click & see.

VR Free Trial

You can freely explore VR Trauma trial version on Oculus store with your VR glasses


Full VR version allows you to immerse into VR Trauma world which scenarios are interactable, enhancing the visual examination and treatment between elements, and many more visual enhancements.